It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

GOTCHA! Thought this was going to be a holiday post, eh? Nope. The most wonderful time of the year is, in fact, when Grammatical Art puts up new merchandise! That’s right. Natalie has been hard at work adding brand new designs in addition to expanding some of her print designs for shirts, v-necks, and tote bags.

What’s brand new? Awesome tea towels and tote bags (designs are available on both) like these:

orange-720x964watermelon tote

And designs that are now available on shirts and totes:

electrical navysplice v neck grayscience beaker tote

These are just a very small sampling of the 20+ new designs and styles. And yes, they are available just in time for the holidays (the second most wonderful time of the year)! We also have even more rolling out in the coming days and weeks.

Make sure to check back here for our upcoming Black Friday deals! This year’s are amazing.


Macey’s Got Heart

For us here at Grammatical Art, it’s pretty exciting when someone sends a picture of themselves wearing our garb. We’ve seen recent grads donning our graduated cylinder shirt and Chris Hardwick wearing our whom shirt, but nothing tugs at the old heart strings (pun intended) quite like Macey and her family wearing our heart shirt.

wright family

Macey is 13. She’s an aspiring gymnast who dances, plays guitar, and sings.

Macey needs a heart transplant.

She was born with severe aortic stenosis and mitral stenosis, heart conditions that required surgery as an infant and again at age 11. At this point, her left ventricle is failing and she needs a brand new heart.

Macey’s mom, Patrice, reached out to us on Etsy asking if she could purchase some of our heart shirts to auction at a fundraiser to help offset Macey’s medical bills. She also wanted to buy some for her family to wear in support of Macey. How could we turn down the offer to be part of such an awesome cause? Natalie sent the shirts to the Wright family free of charge.

We were proud to be able to support Macey and her family as they continue the difficult wait for a new heart.

Please check out Macey’s Facebook page to learn more about her, her family, and how you can support her journey to a new heart.